Estate of Laszlo Saly-Nemeth

1920 – 2001

Hungarian painter, graphic artist

He studied first under Jozsef Horvath in Sopron and later at the Hungarian Academy of Fine Arts in Budapest under Agost Benkhardt and Rezso Burghardt between 1940 - 1942.

During the second World War Laszlo Saly-Nemeth became a POW in France. As a prisoner, he acquired the opportunity to paint and even sell his paintigs soon. He used the money he earned to help his fellow prisoners of war during these difficult times.

After his return to Hungary, Laszlo married and had children. He found employment at the Metropolitan Sewage Works as an architectural draftsman and later as a graphic designer.

The impeccable architectural drawings that he made for that position were on display at the corridors of the Budapest City Hall for decades.

In 1956 the effects of multiple sclerosis on his vision prevented him from finishing a major assignment of drawing illustrations for an artistic anatomy album.
Although this ailment followed him through the rest of his life, it still did not prevent this exceptional artist from leaving behind a rich and complete ouvre. His work had found home in many private and public collections.

An exhibition of his work was on display at the Espace Daniel Sorano in Vincennes and also at the Le Louvres Antiqueres in Paris in 2005